LetsGiveItASpin: Amazing Facts To Know About

LetsGiveItASpin is a type of casino stream which started in 2015. If someone is an online casino owner and they want to engage the real players, one should promote it in the simple and non-trivial way. Among different casino promotion ideas, online casino streaming is a popular one. A person named Kim and his friend Reggie were the main persons to start the streaming process.

Some of the facts to know about LetsGiveItASpin

Kim is honest and very straightforward with the subscribers. He has never classified any of his personal information and always tells only the true facts about his experience. Earlier he was a professional player. His specialization was poker. The audience liked his sincerity and sense of humor. This is the reason that makes LetsGiveItASpin different from the other competitors. When Kim started making some of the hours of LetsGiveItASpin streams, the number of subscribers began to increase rapidly.

In the social network sites, the streamer publishes the posts not only about different slots, bonuses, but some other important information about the players. LetsGiveItASpin has filled the personal Twitter page with a lot of humorous posts which are funny. Most of these posts are about the gambling. In 2016, Kim created his account on Instagram, where he has got over 1.5 thousand subscribers.

Top reasons for using the online streaming in casinos

  1. This is clear and reliable. The Gamblers normally choose casinos upon which they can trust. The quality of games is the main sign of reliability. With live streaming, it’s possible to get closer to the player by showing them the gaming process and providing them some useful tips.
  2. Social media treats gambling differently. The online streaming mainly doesn’t require a large budget. It will just need a high-resolution camera and the high-speed Internet.
  3. The online streaming allows users to interact with the potential players during the streaming and they can receive instant feedback. Also, one can monitor the number of people watching the video stream, and be able to read their comments, the way they react.
  4. In this way, one can make the players feel that they are really involved in the game process. People enjoy the direct interaction when the streamer normally communicates and answers the questions, or make remarks on their comments.


LetsGiveItASpin is one of the popular casino streamers today. One can safely play and have fun here.

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